Facebook and Email Marketing IntegrationIn today’s small business landscape, no marketing initiative works in a vacuum. We often see social medial working in tandem with content marketing or blogging and SEO integrating public relations. Well, so it goes with Facebook advertising.

Gone are the days when the most effective campaigns remained exclusively within the parameters of Facebook. With capability like custom lists, advertisers can target individuals from their own email lists on the platform with ads that remind them of their brands.

It’s a kind of remarketing or retargeting, if you will, that reinforces your message with the audiences you have already cultivated.

Enter email marketing. Combining initiatives like email marketing and Facebook advertising offers a versatile way to take your message cross platform and show users just how ubiquitous your brand can be.

Email marketing offers a more native approach with newsletters and content marketing that relies on providing value to gain trust.

With custom lists, Facebook advertising offers an opportunity to advertise your products or services to the same audience you just gave to (whether it was free tips on how to build a versatile work wardrobe or a free necktie with a $50 purchase), and because it is in an entirely different platform, it is not seen as a hard sell.

Also, a dynamic marketing campaign stands a better chance of converting customers or clients than relying solely on one medium at a time.

Retargeting to your email list after a monthly email campaign blast with Facebook adverting, for instance, provides the advantage of reminding them who you are without beating them over the head with your brand.

You can retarget on Facebook a week after you have sent out an email blast, for instance, and people will hardly bat an eye. Try to blast out to the same group a week after the last email, on the other hand, and see hoe many unsubscribes you get the next morning.

So the next time you are planning a Facebook ads campaign, mix it up a bit. Consider using custom lists and blast out an informative newsletter a week before you do. You will be surprised at just how effective combining two powerful digital marketing initiatives like these can be.

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