Growth Conversion Design and Management

Sales funnels comprise the process by which individuals or businesses go from awareness of your brand to interest to conversion. Targeting business leads, qualifying them for the sales process, is never enough to convert in today’s competitive market. Leads must be nurtured and a sales funnel does that in a structured and deliberate way. It cultivates interest, engendering trust in your brand and providing a smooth and user-friendly process for learning about your product or service.

A click-through conversion funnel automates the sales nurturing process.

Proctor Digital designs custom click-through conversion strategies that automate, not only the qualifications process, but the lead nurturing process, increasing conversion rates dramatically and automating sales.

From lead magnet development to landing page design to email marketing management, we design a myriad of lead nurturing conversion funnels that grow interest, build trust and convert leads for a wide variety of industries.

Contact our conversion strategy team to discuss options for creation of an automated lead nurturing process for your brand and spur the growth your brand deserves.

Our Process:

  • Discovery
  • Strategy
  • Design Options/Presentation
  • Approval
  • Build/Test
  • Launch