Power of SEO Management

Think about your own digital search practices. When you conduct a Google search, how often do you scroll past page 2 or 3 of the search results? Likewise, the average person browsing online rarely ventures beyond that first or second page before landing on a website they consider an appropriate provider of the goods, services or information they are actively looking for.

In fact, 70% of web traffic is allocated exclusively to sites that appear on the very first page of Google Search for any given keyword or query. How much of that targeted web traffic is your small business website  missing without comprehensive SEO management?


“(Proctor Digital Consultant) Dave has been supporting our marketing department for 4 years, and his expertise in SEO Management and organic marketing has been invaluable to our growth. We began on page 25 of Google Search for arts magazines in Chicago. David retooled our process for posting, optimized our website and changed the way we archived old articles on the site. With little time he has earned our trust with a jump to page 1 of Google Search, and (more importantly) 150% increase in subscription sales, a more than 200% increase in inbound subscription sales and (directly from Google Search) and growth in our advertising platform through a robust email marketing program.”

 – Clef Notes Chicagoland Journal for the Arts

A Few of Our Clients:

John-Paris[-Band-Logo Intex Restoration Clef Notes Chicagoland Journal for the Arts

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