Tips for Getting on Google's Good SideIf ever you wanted to earn points with Google, now’s the time to do it. With the impending Mobile First algorithm launch and sites only now adjusting to the infamous “Fred” update, small business websites need every bit of leverage they can get staying on top of Search rankings.

Fortunately for you, there are four easy ways to earn extra points with Google and it won’t take a rocket scientist to implement them in your search rankings strategy:

Launch Google My Business: Having a profile on Google’s very own business directory earns a lot of points with the search giant because…well, it’s Google’s own business directory. And when you’re the world’s most popular search engine, boosting the scores of businesses that use your product has the residual effect of increasing use of that product.

So completing a Google My Business profile (website link and all) can add a bit of thrust to an otherwise lackluster search ranking.

Launching a Google Plus Profile: Google Plus is Google’s answer to Facebook and Twitter. The only problem has been there’s already Facebook and Twitter (and now Instagram and Snapchat and so on and so on). So Google would appreciate some attention on it’s own beleaguered social media platform. Just launch a Google Plus profile for your business and link it to your business website, and in a show of gratitude, the search giant will grant your website a few extra points when compiling the search rankings. Hey, every little bit help, right?

Creating and Posting Youtube Videos: Google owns Youtube. (Starting to see a pattern here?) maintaining a Youtube profile and posting Youtube videos on your site earns bonus points for SEO. And since videos on your website increases the kind of rich media your site offers (another factor in SEO rank), it’s double the benefit for you.

Encourage and Post Google Reviews: Again, ¬†Google reviews are a Google product and since good reviews in general are SEO boosters, good Google reviews are even better for your ranking. Be sure to post them to your site, and don’t forget to use Schema markup to show Google algorithms that they are positive endorsements of your business and not just website content.

If you would like to know how SEO can help grow your business, please call one of the consultants at Proctor Digital (312.600.5155). We love helping small business brands storm the gates of Google Search and drive sales.

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