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Importance of SEO Keyword ResearchIf a tree falls in the forest and there’s no one there to hear it, does it make a noise? The truth is it doesn’t matter…BECAUSE THERE’S NO ONE THERE TO HEAR IT. So it is with SEO management. When a new business website hits the internet it needs eyes to be effective. Without adequate targeted visibility no one is there to see how great it looks or how wonderful your business is.

But simply optimizing your website for your perceived industry keywords can also be pointless. Getting that top spot on Google Search for a search term that gets no real volume is an exercise in futility. You see keyword research guides SEOs to the queries people are actually searching for online. That brings in targeted volume and those help produce traffic that leads to sales.

Take, for instance, the personal injury field. People searching for lawyers to represent them in personal injury cases use a myriad of terms to search for information or for attorney representation in an injury case. Keyword research produced this week shows that searches for the term, “Chicago+Accident+Attorney” level off at about 240/month. Whereas searches for “Chicago+Injury+Lawyer” come in at 1,200 per month.  So a law firm positioning itself atop the search rankings for just the former is missing out on a ton of traffic and possible leads that the latter term would bring in.

There are quite a few keyword research tools out there that help users identify alternate keywords that pull in higher volume but Google Adwords keyword research is the best, for obvious reasons: it’s tied directly to Google analytics.

In a perfect world, businesses would optimize their websites for the full spectrum of keywords that falling under the banner of their given industry. But when time and resources are limited focusing first on identifying the high volume keywords will save you time and energy in the long run and will bring you the targeted traffic your business deserves.

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