Site Preparation SEO managementGoogle makes hundreds of updates to its algorithms that crawl web pages every day, ultimately determining where your website falls in the search rankings. In addition, industry competitors battling for position on Google Search create fluid rankings with sites jockying for position week after week.

A set-it-and-forget-it approach to SEO never works to maintain positioning in search results even when a site makes it to the first page of Google. Monthly SEO management ensures that your website is compliant with current Google standards and can withstand massive algorithm updates that pushed previously compliant sites back 4 to 5 pages, reducing organic traffic by as much as 90% in a single day.

Benefits of our monthly SEO management service include:
  • Robust ongoing inbound link-building through initiatives that include press generation, social sharing and engagement and content marketing.
  • Compliance with all impending Google algorithm updates
  • Updates to all new site content
  • Ongoing refreshment of existing site language
  • Monitoring of site speed and health (including onsite links and mitigation of all site errors)
  • Optimization of all new site assets and content
  • Management of all Google webmaster messaging and penalties
  • Monthly SEO traffic and goal conversion reporting 
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