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Facebook Advertising

Engineered to generate targeted traffic, increased ROI and small business growth, our Facebook Advertising Management team provides full service ad campaign management leveraging the popularity of the most powerful social media network and targeting options that zero in precisely on the target audience for your business needs, increasing your ROI and building sales for business growth.

Chicago Facebook Advertising AgencyBENEFITS OF FACEBOOK ADVERTISING

Over 1 Billion Users Served: Facebook has over 2 million active users who spend over 1.74 hours every day on average on the social network.

  • Precise targeting options: With all those eyes, it’s really only useful to get your brand just before the right ones. Facebook has so much data on its users, we can target precisely those that are a match for your client profile, increasing the efficiency of your ad campaign and the return on your investment.
  • Remarketing Options: Facebook offers retargeting functionality that allows advertisers to track their visitors across the social media platform, increasing the effectiveness of your ad campaign multiplicatively.
  • Increased Site Traffic: Increased site traffic from Facebook is great because it helps build brand visibility, which is always good. Increased targeted site traffic from Facebook is fantastic because it increases business leads and the likelihood of conversions and sales.
  • Cost Effective Advertising Alternative: Facebook is the most cost effective option for small business advertising online. For just a small investment, you can not only increase your reach dramatically, but you can target that reach to specific profiles based on not only economic and demographic indicators, but also geographic locations and preferences.
  • Biggest Band for Your Buck: Of all the current paid social marketing options available online, Facbebook offers the best ROI. Facebook offers an average 450% ROI for advertisers on the network. That, with the cost effective pricing for the platform, makes Facebook advertising the best value for small business owners online today.


Understanding Your Customer/Client Target
We build a clear and concise customer or client profile to identify demographics, preferences and geographic preferences so that every advertising dollar you spend is optimized, ultimately increasing the resulting return on advertising investment.

Creating the Right Concept
Our experienced marketing copywriters develop potent ad copy that bolsters your brand and builds upon a demand for your product or services online. Our ad art directors develop visually compelling art design that helps stand your business out from the crowd.

Landing Page and Conversion Optimization
We create a custom landing page designed to marshall each site visitor efficiently through the value propositions of your business offering and present a call-to-action that enhances conversion, again optimizing your ad spend for maximum impact and increasing your ROI.

Ad Retargeting
On average, people spend about 60 minutes on Facebook every day. We build potent retargeting ad campaigns that helps convert previous visitors into customers and clients as they make their way through Facebook profiles, bringing back 98% of visitors your site sees.

Customizing Your Audience
Your custom audience is one of the best ways to identify your business’ customer or client profile. We use your own email list to track those individuals on Facebook and help reach out beyond them to others just like them to grow your brand, build your audience and grow your sales.

Our expert team of paid social media consultants craft a custom campaign guided by your personal account manager that meets the following small business visibility goals:

Management of Ad Spending – Ensuring that all ad dollars are optimized for targeted results, and online conversions.

Reporting – Providing concise custom reports that tell you where your traffic and new sales are coming from and where your biggest opportunities currently lie.

Goal Based Ad Campaigns– Curating ad campaigns for specific results, including building traffic, brand visibility, event promotion, email list building, product or service purchase and more.

Call our Facebook Advertising consultants today at 773.535.3780 to learn more or to request a project quote.Let us help you grow your business through the most cost-effective online visibility resource available to small businesses today!