Evergreen Trees

SEO Boosts from Evergreen Content

What is evergreen content? Content that is not specific to a distinct time, but always relevant—or at least written to be relevant always. Some content, of course, can be written for a specific time, relevant for a set of events etched in time. Say, for instance, you write a blog post that discusses fashion trends. That blog post would be etched in time, limited to trends that led up to and included the time of its posting. All trends that proceeded from there would be ignored, which would make the article stale in just a few, short years.


SEO Fail #3: Unnatural Linking

SEO penalties come in all shapes and sizes. Webmasters sometimes flirt with the rules to try to race to Page 1 of Google Search. When they break them, they can suffer penalties from search engine algorithms. However, manual actions are penalties taken by the search engines themselves when they notice an eggregious infraction and those can be incredibly difficult to overcome and revers.


Kinds of Google Manual Actions and What They Mean

Manual actions are Google’s response to violations of Google Webmaster regulations on the part of a website. They typically involve demotions in terms of search ranking. These are not to be confused to organic rank demotion due to algorithm updates from Penguin, Panda, Hummingbird and others. Manual actions typically are Google penalties for bad behavior. There are quite a few different types of manual actions a website may receive. Ultimately, corrective action must be taken before penalities can be removed and it’s often a long and drawn out process, so the better strategy is to avoid the penaltiy in the first place.