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An essential part of any effective digital marketing campaign is new lead generation.  Designing an effective website landing page is among the key vehicles marketers use to accomplish this. A landing page often serves as a one-stop-shop to give visitors key information necessary to take the next steps to engage with the brand. Whether that’s reaching out to inquire for more information, subscribing to the brand’s newsletter or even purchasing a product, the landing page is meant to nurture the lead in as efficient a way as possible to create the desired conversion online.  Effective landing pages are ones that are able influence users into taking the next steps. Often that involves strategic design with ample information necessary to gain a user’s trust in your brand. Sometimes it involves a little nudge here or there called a Call-to-Action (CTA).  

Some of today’s most successful lead generation landing pages share many common themes and elements that companies can easily incorporate within their own digital marketing strategies.  These include:

  1.  Consistent Branding: A company’s landing page, though visually distinct stand-alone from the brand website, should be identical in messaging, content, and color scheme.  Consistent branding across all digital assets should include use of the brand logo, color palette and design scheme to shore up retention of messaging and ensure brand authority.
  1. Simple, Compelling Headlines: One key to securing the attention of visitors is to provide a landing page that is simple in design, messaging and purpose.  An effective headline is one that describes the landing page offer, product or service accompanied by content that ties the messaging back to the original marketing email, social post or CTA that led the visitor to the page in the first place. 
  2. Offering Exclusive Promotional Benefits:  Everyone loves getting something for free. Effective landing pages raise the game by offering visitors access to exclusive items or promotions once they provide select personal information or purchase the promoted product or service.  Ebooks, access to industry reports or webinars or offers for personal consultations or demonstrations are all examples of premium gifting that often get visitors to convert.
  3. Use of Intriguing Content:  As mentioned prior, consistency of messaging, branding and content are all essential elements of effective landing pages.  In particular, content should be simple in layout and focus.  Landing page messaging must be concise and highlight the benefits that the user will gain by acting upon the offer.  
  4. Strategic Use of CTAs:  Adhering to the concept of simplicity, effective landing pages tend to use a single CTA button to direct user actions on the site.  CTAs that utilize color schemes, fonts and sizing that stands out from the content on the page tend to achieve the most engagement. When seeking to collect user data, it’s important to recognize that less is often more. Determining what user information is priority in your request is key.  Requesting too much information, or information deemed too personal, can often scare users away from providing any user information at all or from remaining on the landing page.  
  5. Optimized mobile landing page With nearly 60% of today’s online users accessing the internet via mobile devices, optimizing landing pages for display and usage on a mobile device is paramount.  Consistency of messaging and branding across all company platforms is essential for effective lead generation. But if that information isn’t readily accessible on those platforms, it makes no difference if it’s consistent at all.

In today’s competitive online marketplace, separating a company’s brand from its competitors is a 24/7 process.  Keeping things simple and consistent across all corporate platforms and messaging goes a long way toward successful lead generation and positive user experiences.

If you’d like to learn more about how landing pages can improve your website conversion rates (and your bottom line in the process), call Proctor Digital at 773.664.5819. We love helping brands rise to to the top of the digital marketplace ladder.