Digital marketing channels today are all intertwined in one way or another. None of them truly exist in a vacuum as they did in the old days of marketing. Of course, marketers want to keep a consistent voice on each for branding purposes, but the fact is each helps the other to achieve powerful results at the end of the day.

One marketing channel people rarely think of as supportive of SEO is email marketing. But the fact is email marketing can be extremely helpful in growing your online audiences, building your onsite authority and gaining the advantage on your search competitors.

Check out these four ways email marketing can contribute to a winning SEO strategy for your website:

  1. It Brings Qualified Traffic to Your Website: Email marketing is not “shot-in-the-dark” marketing. It’s targeted. Your audiences is one who is already interested in your field, your business and your brand. Email marketing brings them to your website and search engines take notice.  Qualified traffic typically has progressed beyond the awareness stage on the pathway to conversion and represent potential leads that are ready to engage with your brand. Bringing them to your website via an email marketing campaign shows that your website represents a distinct authority in your field. That’s value in search engine language and it means higher search engine rankings for your website.
  2. It’s a Source of Valuable Data on Targeted Content: Email marketing often gives you an opportunity to test content on your audience. Most experienced email marketers test some components of their email campaigns. That data is also a valuable asset for your targeted SEO campaigns. Email components like calls to actions, email subject lines and value-add offers are all fair game for website content that leads to conversion. Email marketing can be a great source of this kind of targeted content that grows your audience and your business.
  3. It Provides Great Content for Your Website: The best performing content from email campaigns can always be re-purposed or even expanded on your website. And nothing says SEO gold like great performing content. Review your email marketing reporting and find the content that receives the most engagement. That is where you should start when you need ideas for new website content to drive SEO rankings.
  4. It Encourages Social Media Sharing: As we have blogged before, social media shares are an indication of online authority. Google has already attested to the value it attributes to shares of website links on the various social media platforms. Email marketing makes it very easy for your subscribers to do that sharing with simple social sharing buttons incorporated into your email content.  Google sees those shares as validation and that speaks volumes for higher SEO ranking.

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