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The importance of Landing Pages for Law Firm Marketing.One of the aspects of law firm marketing that sets it apart from all other business marketing is the diversity with which practice areas often delineate. Unlike businesses in spaces like interior design, jewelry sales or real estate, service areas in law firm practices typically differentiate widely and one area of practice can often find itself 180 degrees from another when it comes to search.

Take, for instance, family law. From the perspective of online search, you may have someone online looking for information on division of assets, while another is searching for details on child custody agreements. Both are certainly subjects under the family law practice purview, yet you are hard pressed to find a single keyword suitable for attracting both searches to your site.

For this reason, it is important to differentiate keywords in your SEO strategy to cover the wide array of practice areas and online searches that fall within your firm’s purview. Otherwise, you leave a lot of holes in your content marketing strategy, holes potential clients can fall through and land right on your competitor’s doorstep.

One way to do that is to develop landing pages for searches in your realm of law that yield the highest amount of online volume. Of course, you will need to conduct a healthy amount of keyword research. (Google’s Keyword Planner is a great place to start for search suggestions.)

But armed with the highest traffic generating searches, developing an informative landing page is what will target that volume and bring them to your site.

Having targeted landing pages for a variety of keywords and search strings can established your domain as an authority in your space in theĀ  “eyes” of Google’s ubiquitous web crawlers.

Also, landing pages help bring down the cost of Google AdWord clicks when designed specifically to match the language in your ad.

Just remember the key features that makes a landing page effective:
  • Robust, Informative Content
  • Self-contained Information
  • Keeping the Viewer on the page by providing all the information they need to make the decision to call your firm, fill out a contact form or begin a chat right now
  • Keyword-Rich URLs
  • With the appropriate keyword in your URL (and on-page content, of course), you have all you need to get On Google’s radar for that keyword or category
  • Visible Call to Action
    • Again, keeping them on the page, ensuring the next click they make is to contact your firm

With distinct landing pages available on your website, you can easily move up the rankings for each category you desire and dominate the rankings for the search traffic you seek.

If you would like to speak with a consultant about the benefits of optimizing your law firm website and growing your practice, call Proctor Digital at 312.535.3780 We love helping firms grow their online profile and power new business.