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Answers to Customer QuestionsMany small businesses struggle with the amount of content necessary to rank competitively on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

After all, with the many on- and off-site indicators search engines look for to determine site authority, SEO as a practice can seem very nebulous and difficult to pin down. But what is never nebulous is why content works to draw targeted traffic.

The fact is since its launch, the internet has been driven by the search for information. Today, that search is powers by speech and queries are less keywords than fully formed sentences, often in the form of questions. Mobile search made that happen. And since mobile search readiness is one of the most powerful indicators Google looks for in ranking websites, developing content congruent with the kinds of questions that drive interest in your given industry is the best way to use your blog to get to page 1 of Google Search.

The single, most impactful way of snagging that top spot on Google is providing the most useful and relevant information your potential customers will find in your local search space. Satisfying potential customer queries with the most compelling answers provides powerful  punch that moves your website up the Google ladder. Here are four reasons why:

(1) It’s Sharable: the more content from a given website is shared online via social channels or through inbound links the more points Google awards the domain on which it was originally published.

(2) It’s Popular: Google sees all those site visits you’re getting to that page and seems your site a phenomenal resource in the space.

(3) It Will Get Ranked and Bring in More Traffic: Ranking a single page on your site gifts the root domain (your home page) bonus points. The more clicks the page gets from search rankings the more bonus points your root URL will enjoy. Plus it draws new traffic from the search it ranks for.

(4) It Solidifies Your Brand as an Authority: The more great, relevant, solution-providing copy your site published, the more your brand benefits. The more trust your brand enjoys online, the more your business develops leads from that trust. It?s the gift that keeps on giving.

Creating well-crafted, answers to leading industry questions is the best way to establish authority online. Give your potential customers the answers they need and they’ll reward you with their business. If you would like to speak with a Proctor Digital SEO consultant about how we can help grow your business, please call 312.535.3780. We love making thinks like small business brands grow.