Content Marketing Strategy
Providing answers to the questions your customers have online can be the key to drawing the traffic your website needs for your small business to thrive.

For small business visibility, content marketing has quickly become a chief means of attracting targeted eyes to a local brand. After all, information is what drives the information highway. When people go online and search for a business, it sometimes takes the form of a generic search within a local business industry (i.e., Googling “Chicago+Plumber,” for instance). But more often, searches in and around an industry (i.e., “My+toilet+is+leaking” for example) are what lead to new business.

When small business owners invest in providing good, useful information via a blog or LinkedIn post, for example, they provide leads to attract visits to their sites when these kinds of pointed industry searches are conducted. These posts serve as landing pages for queries in and around your given industry. They show up in Google search results and track targeted eyes back to your site, which, if designed appropriately and is informative, will often lead the visit to close a sale or service.

So when devising a content marketing plan for your small business, it’s important to get into the heads of your customer base. What kinds of problems typically bring your customers to your door? What kind of industry information do customers generally want to learn about when seeking your products or services? These are the questions your blog should be answering every day.

By developing a thoughtful content marketing plan that answers prudent questions and informs customers, you draw targeted eyes to your business o line and establish your domain as an authoritative leader in the industry and the local market, gaining valuable positioning on Google’s search results pages.

If you would like to discuss a content marketing strategy for your small business, call one of our consultants at 773.664.5819. We love helping small business owners take their brands to new heights.


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