Thoughtful Branding Design: Brand Purpose, Brand Value, Brand Culture

Branding does more than identify a business, it differentiates that business in a variety of different ways. One of the most impactful ways branding differentiates is establishing value. Whether the branding is thoughtfully conceived or not, it sends a message about the business and its products or services. You should not arrive at your branding by happenstance. Thoughtful branding should convey the promise of value your business presents, the authority your business has in its field and the quality associated with your product or service.

Brand Concepting:

For startup initiatives, we offer brand name and tag line consulting by industry brand strategists who methodically cultivate powerful, succinct messaging that help to convey your firm’s strengths and values while retaining the distinctiveness that help differentiate your firm.

Logo Concepting and Design:

We design an array of logo options based on brand concepting, client discovery, industry/competitor research, color theory and symbolism to present a diverse, well-thought-out slate of logo options that will serve as the foundation for your business branding.

Formal Brand Package:

Strong, effective branding relies on consistency across all mediums and communications efforts. For startups and other firms looking to create a more formal branding directive to ensure consistency in brand messaging and visual presence, we develop a robust brand package that includes the following:

  • Brand Logo and Iconography
  • Branding Guide
    • Brand Color Palette
    • Brand Voice
    • Brand Messaging
  • Brand Identity
    • Brand Website and Online Profiles
    • Business Cards
    • Social Media Profile(s) Design
    • Letterhead Design
    • Email Marketing Design

Our Process:

Discovery: Intensive investigative stage that fleshes out the client’s ultimate branding goals.

Strategy Planning: Research and planning to develop approach to achieve specific objective targets with brand colors, imagery, message and voice.

Design & Presentation: Develop initial drafts of proposed brand elements with comprehensive presentation to client including rationale and approach.

Approval: Client approves a finalized presentation of brand elements and packaging.

Delivery of files and branding package: Client receives full branding package with necessary files and technical instructions for use, including print-ready, web, transparencies color variations and more.

Please contact our branding strategy consultants at 773.664.5819 to discuss development of your own brand’s imagery, visual identity and brand messaging today.